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Pump-action shotguns of "Becas-M" series

Semi-auto shotguns of "Becas-M auto" series

Semi-auto hunting shotgun "Vepr-12 Molot"

Semi-auto hunting rifle "Vepr"

Semi-auto hunting rifle "Vepr-Super"

Semi-auto hunting rifle "Vepr-Pioneer"

Semi-auto hunting rifle "Vepr-Hunter"

Multi-charge hunting rifle -91/30

Multi-charge hunting rifle -91/30 M

Semi-auto hunting assault rifle P-SKS

Traumatic pistol "Leader"

Signal revolver "Nagan-S" ("Blef")


Kalashnikov light machine-gun properly weight-sized dummy (G RPK)


Semi-auto hunting rifle "Vepr"

   The semi-auto hunting rifles "Vepr" are destined for medium-sized and big games.
   The construction of the rifles provides a reliable operation of parts and mechanisms as well as high-grade shooting in different weather and climatic conditions at the environment temperature from -50 up to +50.

Vepr in caliber 7,6239
"Vepr" in caliber 7,6239

Vepr-223 in caliber .223 Rem
"Vepr-223" in caliber .223 Rem

   Stocks and forearms of the rifles are made out of the walnut. The orthopedic stock with a notch for the thumb has a jaw and a paddy rubber butt for convenient shooting.
   The rifles "Vepr" are created having used constructive decisions realized in the systems of M. T. Kalashnikov's firearms, i.e. of submachine gun and light machine-gun, and produced for the cartridges of the calibers 5,4539, .223 Rem (5.5645), 7,6239, .308 Win (7,6251), 7,6254R, .30-60 Spr (7,6263).

Vepr-308 in caliber .308 Win
"Vepr-308" in caliber .308 Win

"Vepr" in caliber 7,62x54R

Vepr in caliber 5,45x39 (export version)
"Vepr" in caliber 5,45x39 (export version)

   The outer sighting devices consist of a half-open foresight, which is adjustable in two planes, and a sight leaf with the distances of 100-300m. An AK/RPK- or frame-type front sight bed can be mounted onto the rifles.
   From the left side of the receiver the mounting basis for fastening the scope mount is situated. The aimed shooting from the rifle with an open sight can be done without taking away the optical sight. The slit-type flame arrester on the rifles "Vepr" are non-removable.

   The foresight bed is a AK/RPK-type one. There is no flame arrester.
   The foresight bed is a frame-type one. There is no flame arrester.
   The sight leaf is this one for the distances of 100-300m.
   There is a mounting basis for fastening the scope mount.

Performance attributes
  "Vepr" "Vepr-223"
in cal. .223 Rem
in cal. .308 Win
in cal. 7,6254R
in cal. 5,4539*
  Used cartridge 7,6239 5,5645 7,6251 7,6254R 5,4539
  Magazine capacity, qty. of rounds 2, 3 5 2, 3, 5 10 2, 3, 5 10 5 5 10
  Rifle weight, kg, at most 4,3
  Barrel length, mm 520, 590, 700
  Total length
(w/o flame arrester), mm
1035, 1105, 1215
   * as an export supply only

   The rifles "Vepr" belong to the semi-auto weapons class. The automatic reloading is effected by means of using the energy of powder gases moved from the bore into the gas chamber while shooting and the energy of the return spring. The bore is locked by turn of the bolt round its axle by two or three rests (depending on a modification) during the lengthwise movement of the bolt carrier.
   The hammer-type firing mechanism provides shooting by single shots and saving the gun with the flag-type safety device.
   To avoid an occasional shot due to the inertial pinhole of the primer the firing-pin of the bolt is spring-loaded. For increasing the durability against the mechanical galling as well as rust-preventive and erosive resistance the bore and the chamber, the gas chamber and the shaft with the bolt carrier piston are chrome-lined.

   On a special order the stock can be left-handed; the sight leaf can be adjusted up to 1 000 and have a deflection correcting device; all the rifles can be decorated.


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