Molot history

April 26, 1940

is the official date of the «Molot» plant foundation. That day, the hardware plant located in the town of Zagorsk (Moscow Region) was handed over to the control of the Soviet People’s Commissariat of arms. By the end of 1940 it became a parent enterprise that from now on was producing the famous PPSh — Shpagin submachine guns.

In 1941 the plant was evacuated and brought to the industrial township of Vyatskiye Polyany in Kirov Region. It was located in a warehouse of the local bobbin factory.

Among the first arrivals, were G.S. Shpagin and his family, young F.I. Treshchev, the future Director of our factory, and N.F. Makarov, the inventor of the famous PM gun. The arrivals numbered 3609 people in all.

At the beginning of December 1941, the first batch of the legendary weapons was sent to the frontlines of the war. During the war, the plant’s staff produced more than a half of all assault rifles delivered to the front by the Soviet industry.

Over 2500000 were delivered to the front
Thus, the workers of the plant
earned the highest state award
of the USSR — the Order Lenin.

In 1945, the plant «Molot» was honoured with the highest state award — the Order Lenin. A large group of workers was distinguished with orders and medals of the USSR.

Since that time many glorious pages have been added to the history of the plant. Factory workers are justifiably proud of it: starting from the development of the country’s first scooter and ending with missiles and anti-aircraft installations.

Surprisingly for many, the JSC «Vyatka-Polyansky Machine-Building Plant „Molot“» (VPMZ Molot) asserted itself as a new producer of Russian civilian weapons in the early 1990s. In the unstable economic situation the company’s management decided to advance to the production of civilian weapons. By doing so it set the first milestone for the development of new arms types, among which sporting and hunting arms are the first worthy of mention.

Within a period of 10 years, experts working in «Molot» plant developed the technical documentation and testing models, further on they obtained certificates of conformity for 32 models of hunting rifles and 7 models of shotguns.

In the 2000s, the OJSC «VPMZ Molot» was endowed with the status of a strategic enterprise. The company became the part of the Russian defense industrial complex.

While the amount of state defense orders stayed low the plant’s production correspondingly stagnated within the period between 2006 and 2011. It resulted in the accumulation of substantial losses that could not be covered on the plant’s own expenses. This development actually brought the company to bankruptcy. In 2012, the monitoring procedure was introduced in the plant, and in 2013 the bankruptcy proceedings were opened.

In 2010 while noting the ruling of the Government Commission on the Prevention of bankruptcy of strategic enterprises, a 100% subsidiary Molot Firearms LLC was set up in order to stabilize the social situation and to preserve the production of the OJSC «VPMZ MOLOT».

Currently, the production of firearms is mainly concentrated at the Molot Firearms LLC: all workers and technical staff moved there. The technical documentation and engineering drawings were also relocated to this new enterprise that maintains the tradition and preserves the quality of production.